Xplor Care App: Child Sign In / Out

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As an educator, you play an important role in making sure children are signed in or out. Xplor handles sign-ins/outs on 3 levels: (1) parent, (2) educator, and (3) administrators.

(1) Parents

Parents can sign children in or out either through (a) their smartphone or (b) a tablet.

(a) With the app on their smartphone, parents can sign their child in or out by swiping right then selecting Sign in and Out. Tap and hold the gray location icon on the right side to sign the child in, or if the icon is red a tap and hold will sign the child out.

If the service has activated beacons, the parent may receive a push notification when arriving at the service to sign in/out.

(b) If the service has a tablet on display, Xplor's Hub allows parents to enter their login information to sign in or out.

We encourage educators to help parents get in the habit of signing their children in and out, which will free up valuable time for educators.

(2) Educators

Educators can sign children in or out from their device or on the web.

On the device, log in to the app and right swipe to display the menu. Tap Smart Lists > Sign in and Out > find the child > tap and hold the location icon to sign the child in or out. To find a child, scroll down or tap next to magnifying glass to type the child's name.


The same steps apply after logging into web.myxplor.com and clicking on the applicable room.

(3) Administrators

Administrators can control attendance times from the Master Roll. When parents and educators sign children in or out, the time is stamped and cannot be edited.