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Xplor is here to connect parents to their children and their educators on one automated platform.

Xplor has many features tailored to suit parents needs:

  • Sign in and sign out children through the HUB (an iPad) at your service door;
  • Keeps a record of who is coming and going from the service;
  • Provides a feed of information about their child's activities throughout the day;
  • It keeps a safe and secure record of a child's development, learning and educator observations;
  • It provides easier communication between educators and parents, and maintains a record of this communication for future reference;
  • Keeps a record of fees, payments, rebates and automates account statements;
  • ...and so much more!

This quick start guide is designed to introduce parents who are just starting to use Xplor.

Some parents may not have received their welcome email from their centre administrator - if this is you, do not fret, your centre admin will be able to send you this email when your information is logged into Xplor. 

If you have any questions about the platform, feel free to search around Xplor Help & Learn or your manager at the childcare centre will be able to assist.

Click here to proceed to Lesson 1learn how to set up your device.