Office Web: Financial- Parent Accounts payment or refund receipt


Adding a payment or refund receipt to statements is for circumstances where the parents have manually paid the service and you need to record this on the statement. This is for payments not made via scheduled payment.

*The record you add to the statement will affect the balance of the account, so please ensure the amount you are adding is correct.*

1) Go to Financial > Parent Accounts > Search Child > Click on "Add Payment"


 2) In the box that generates fill in the sections required:

  • Select Parent name
  • Select a child
  • Select the payment type (if it was a payment to the service select 'payment') (refund can be selected when a refund has been processed and you need to add a record of this money going back to parents - this will not actually refund money to the parents - it is just a record)
  • Select the date the payment should be entered onto the statement
  • Enter the amount paid
  • Select the method that the parent made the payment (or the service refunded the payment)
  • Add a comment that will remind you on the statement why this payment was made.

3) Then click "Add Payment".

This will update the parent account, it may take a while for the balance to update so please be patient and do not attempt to add the payment again.