How to delete bookings?

Bookings can be deleted for either a single day or multiple days in a row.


To delete a single booking:

  • This option is good for deleting just one booking for one child, for example, when a booking was made in error.

Go to the "Master Roll" > Search the Child > Click the booking you want to deleted > In the pop up box select "Delete Booking".



To delete multiple bookings for one child or multiple children:

  • This option is good for instances where you need to delete multiple bookings over multiple accounts, for example, over a holiday period.



Go to the "Master Roll" > Select the child/children by ticking the box beside their image  > Click "-Delete" the red button in the top right > Deselect any days you don't want to delete, Start & End Date > Click "Preview" > Confirm bookings you wish to delete > Delete Bookings.