Setting up one-time or recurring payments from parents

Be sure your service has first setup a payment gateway (i.e. PayPal, Ezidebit or Integrapay) before following this section.


1. Make sure the parent has setup their payment details. You can confirm this by looking for "Payment Details Saved: Yes" on their profile tab or checking Analytics > Service > No Bank Details, which report will show the parents who have not set up their payment details yet.


2. Choose either a one-time or a recurring payment:

To setup a recurring payment from a parent

Profiles > Children > select Child > select Parent/Guardian > scroll down to Billing Details

Select the Frequency (weekly/fortnightly/monthly), Payment Day, Start Date, and either a Fixed Amount (i.e. $200 to take $200 each week, regardless of the balance) or a Direct Debit Limit (i.e. $400 will take the balance up to $400 maximum).

Note: recurring payments are generated over the weekend. A family can only have 1 recurring payment active at a time, which will show under the Status column.

To schedule a one-time payment from a parent  

Financial > Scheduled Payments > Generate One-Time Payment and select the Parent, Amount, and day of the week you wish to take the payment.




3. Scheduled payments will appear under Financial > Scheduled Payments (be sure to select the correct day of the week). The Deductible Amount is the amount scheduled to be taken from the parent. Amount due is the latest balance.  


All scheduled payments will lock on the scheduled day and the amount will be deducted from the customer later the same afternoon. Once locked, payment approvals are automatically approved and will take up to 5 working days to settle.

To stop all payments permanently, go to Profiles > Children > Parent/Guardian > 'DO NOT Debit' and tick the box.