How do I set up and modify payments to my child's service?

If your service has asked you to set up your payment details in Xplor, please:

    1. Head to
    2. Use your email and password to login. (You would receive the password in an email when your service first launched Xplor. if you cant remember your password please follow this guide)
    3. Click on 'Auto-debit Setup' on the left-hand side. The screen should look similar to:


You will be directed to either PayPal, IntegraPay, Ezidebit or Mint, depending on which gateway your service has chosen.

Please complete your details on the online form and submit. The page should look similar to:


Your service will then be able to schedule payments, which will show in the account statement.

If you would like to print additional information for PayPal, please click here.

If you would like to modify your direct debit details in Xplor please:

Log in to your account > On the main menu, click 'Auto-Debit Setup' > Edit Account > Change bank details > Save.

The screen should look similar to: