Bluetooth & Location Services

Why Bluetooth and Location Services?

With your permission, 'Location Services' allows Xplor to use your smartphones bluetooth feature to determine your approximate location to your childcare service, so you can securely sign in and out.

Xplor uses beacons that are tiny computers. They have a processor, bluetooth smart module, and temperature and motion sensors. Powered by a coin battery, they broadcast radio signals through built-in antennas.

When your smartphone is in range of the Xplor beacons they receive signals and Xplor can then respond by sending you a push notification to sign in or out.

This ensures that you cannot sign in or out remotely and must be at the service to do so.


Troubleshoot Connectivity


If you do not see the location marker appear on your mobile device, here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot.

Before determining that you need to troubleshoot, be sure to wait for at least 10 seconds with the app open to allow the beacon to interact with your device.



Ensure both Bluetooth and Location Services are switched on
The Bluetooth beacons located at the service requires these 2 settings to be enabled to interact with your mobile device.

Settings > Bluetooth
Settings > Privacy > Location Services > On
Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Xplor > Always / When Using
Note: Be sure to also allow permissions for the Xplor app to use location services

Settings > Bluetooth
Settings > Location > On
Settings > Apps > Xplor > Permissions > Location > On
Note: Be sure to also allow permissions for the Xplor app to use location services



Wait at least 10 seconds
Some devices, particularly for Android, require a bit more time to communicate with the beacon at the service. For best results, launch the Xplor app and leave it open to speed up the connection.



Check that you have the latest version of Xplor installed
To avoid any potential issues, it is a requirement to always use the latest version of Xplor. You can learn how to update the Xplor app here.



Switch to airplane mode and then switch back
By switching to airplane mode and back, you will refresh your mobile device's radio connection and in most cases will connect your phone to the beacon almost instantly

Settings > Aeroplane Mode

Settings > More > Aeroplane mode



Ensure that you device is connected to the internet
Xplor requires an active internet connection on your mobile device. We recommend using 4G mobile data or WiFi connection. 

Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data

Settings > SIM & network settings > Mobile data



Log out of the Xplor app and log back in again
While not common, sometimes your logged session in the app is not registered properly. You can remedy this easily by logging out and logging back in.


Other possible scenarios

I don't see my child when logging into the Xplor app.
Please contact your child's service administrator to link your profile to your child profile.

I cannot sign in to the Xplor app
Please check that you have entered the correct password. You can reset your password online if you have forgotten your password.