Care App: Posting Parent Observations

Your child's timeline is where all their observations and events are recorded throughout the day. Educators in the service will update observations for your children from time to time and you will get a notification whenever a new observation is available.

As a parent, you too can record observations on the timeline and this is an integral part of your child's continuous learning. Everything that you post on their timeline is also view-able by their educators which will aid them in their programme plan.

Posting to the timeline


In the app, swipe right to show the menu bar and tap ‘Timeline.’ If you have multiple children in care, tap the child whom you'd like to post.


The top of the child’s timeline will be displayed. At the top right corner, tap the pencil/pad icon then tap ‘New Post’ at the bottom of the screen.


Type a title, description, and if suitable, what’s next.

At the bottom, you can add a photo (up to 4), a video, add activities, or tag other children (tagging will add the post to their timeline). 

When ready to post, click ‘Save’ at the bottom. All posts are stored in the cloud, not on your device, so educators can collaborate with you.