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Parents have two methods of signing in and out:

  • HUB (tablet at reception)
  • Mobile app

1. HUB

The HUB is designed to be used on a tablet at the entrance/exit to your child's service. Two simple steps to get started.

  1. Setup you PIN
  2. Sign in your child

Note: Please ensure your mobile number is typed in correctly when setting a PIN. Often parents type in a number with one digit wrong, and the next time they sign in it comes up with 'invalid credentials'.


2. Mobile App

Note: speak to your Centre Manager before attempting to use this feature. Not all services have opted to use mobile sign ins/outs

You may receive a push notification when you enter the service to prompt you to sign in or out.


You can do this directly from your mobile device if your Bluetooth is enabled and you have allowed Xplor to use your location services.

Alternatively, open the app and swipe right to show the menu bar and then tap ‘Sign In and Out’:


Tap and hold the location icon on the right side of the screen for the child you wish to sign in or out.

Once signed in, the child's picture will switch from black and white to colour and vice versa. 

sign_in2.jpg sign_in3.jpg

Sign in/out Approvals

If someone else has signed your child in or out, you will receive a notification in the 'Approvals' section and you will be asked to approve it.


Note: The Approvals section is for you to approve sign ins and sign outs done by others as a regulatory requirement and also is great for keeping track of your child's movements!

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