Troubleshoot Parent Login

Parent login phases:

Every parent is required to have the below information to be able to login and out of the app, HUB and website. 

Computer (

  • Email (required for username):
    • Enter under - Profiles > Children > Parent/Guardian tab > Under ‘Email’ heading > Save at the bottom of the page.
  • Password (setup only available if email address is in the parent profile):
    • Reset password - Profiles > Children > Parent/Guardian tab > Press ‘Reset Password’ > Save at the bottom of the page.

The HUB (iPad at service):

  • First time users are required to have:
    • Username and Password for
    • Setup their mobile and Access Code via
  • Second time and all other times:
    • Use their mobile number and PIN as previously set.
      • If they ever need to reset their mobile or PIN, head to


Checking Contact Information

First of all confirm that the parent email address and mobile number are saved by going to Profiles > Children > Parent/Guardian tab. Check in the 'Email' section and 'Contact Number 1' section.


Please ensure the email and mobile are correct, taking time to ensure there are no unnecessary spaces, fullstops or letters. (The mobile must not start with '+61')

If the details are incorrect in any way the parent will not be able to login.

"Email already exists"

If the email already exists in the system an error warning will pop up "this email already exists".

  • Please get a different email for the parent to use at your service (especially if they are attending two services);
  • OR get them to tell their old service to delete their email out of their old profile;
  • OR check if there are two profiles created for the one child (one could be inactive or waitlist), it is possible that the parent email address is registered on a duplicated profile. Try using the "add existing" button to add the email if it is already registered to a sibling account

You can contact the support desk to assist with troubleshooting.

3. If you make any adjustments, press "Save" right at the BOTTOM of the page to ensure all changes are saved. Again, scroll right down to the bottom of the page. 

Reset Password

If the parents need their password reset, you press the "reset password" button below each parent profile. This will send an email link to them that will be available to use for 2 hours once sent but it will expire after those hours.

Alternatively, you can send parents this link to send themselves a password reset

Password email troubleshooting.

If a password still isn't received, please check spam or junk folders and make sure the email address in Office exactly matches the parent's email address. If there are still troubles, please contact support.

The HUB Access Code

If a parent needs to 'set' or 'reset' their HUB mobile or Access Code, they can log in to to set a new code. 

The HUB reads the 'phone number' from the 'Contact Number 1' section of the parent profile. Please ensure that parents are typing the number correctly when they log into the HUB.