Introduction to Xplor for administrators

Welcome to Xplor!

Our vision is to relentlessly work to make education great.

Our mission is to provide the best experience for educators, parents and their children by fully automating tiresome childcare administrative tasks on our software.

We are always learning, developing and changing to suit our customer needs and we are always happy to chat about our program with no strings attached.  

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Sign up to Xplor 

Xplor's Core package offers the most critical CCS aspects for service leaders:

  • CCS-ready
  • Cloud platform (access from anywhere)
  • Automated submissions
  • Digital sign in and sign out (using the digital kiosk, known as the 'Hub')
  • Digital visitor log
  • Digital filing cabinet for children, educators and parents (storage limits apply)
  • Digital waitlist and enrolment forms
  • Subsidy estimates
  • Live support
  • Data migration from CCMS systems
  • Optional payment gateway (to collect credit card or bank account payments from parents)


If you've already signed up to Xplor - it's time to get started!

Payment gateway

  • Most services use payment gateways to collect payments from parents. See our overview about payment gateways, for more details.

Direct debit form

  • We require services to share payment information with us before we provide access to Xplor. There are no charges until the start date you agree to with our team (billed monthly in arrears). We will never charge fees that have not been previously agreed upon and we will never share your billing details as privacy is paramount.

Wifi check

  • If you plan on using the Xplor apps on a wifi network, check the strength of your wifi signal. Recommended steps are here


The next step is Lesson 1: Preparation. 

Need support?

Xplor's help desk is available from 7am - 7pm AET on weekdays (excluding public holidays) at [email protected] or through live chat by clicking the orange 'Help' button at the bottom corner of your screen in Xplor.

Have more questions? Check out our Training Overview