Casual Mobile Bookings: Administrator FAQ

Why are casual bookings not picking-up the correct fee?

When a child is signed in with a casual booking, the fee and room applied will be based on the Booking Rules you have set for your service.

Please adjust your Booking Rules to make sure your casual bookings are assigned the correct rooms and fees.

If a parent requests an extra day, does it affect the Master Roll?

If mobile bookings are switched on, parents will be able to add bookings directly to the Master Roll.

If mobile bookings are disabled, when a parent requests an extra day for their child you will have to input a booking for the day requested through the booking notification. Find out more about booking notifications here.

Find out how to toggle mobile bookings on and off here.

How do you notify a parent when an extra booking is added?

At present, the parents are not notified from within the Home app when a booking has changed/added. If you have made changes to a child's booking, you will need to notify them in person or by phone

Note: The parent can view their child’s bookings through the calendar on their app at any time.