Digital Attendances

Normally, attendances in Office are captured with the digital sign in/out through the Hub or the mobile app.

If you need to manually sign a child in or out, you can do this from the Master Roll. You can add multiple attendances to the same session if required.

How do I add an attendance?

How do I remove an attendance?

How can I see what times a child has attended my service?

Adding Attendances

Attendances can be added to a new single booking or an existing single booking.

  1. Log into Office and click on Master Roll
  2. Find the child and booking that you wish to attendances to
  3. To add an attendance, click the +Add button Screen_Shot_2021-07-14_at_10.49.29_am.png
  4. Fill out a sign in and out time, select the educator and add a note if applicable. You can click the + Add button again if you wish to add any additional attendances.
  5. Click Update
Removing Attendances

From the bookings screen, you can click the Remove button to delete the selected sign in and out. Screen_Shot_2021-07-14_at_4.26.31_pm.png

You will receive the following warning message that you will need to acknowledge before proceeding:


Review Times

You can view this information by either clicking on the booking, viewing the Attendance History or hovering your cursor over the session on Master Roll as shown in the example below:

Screen_Shot_2021-07-14_at_11.47.30_am.pngSome of the attendances have fields that are 'greyed out'. Why is that?

Some fields in Office cannot be updated on a booking. For example, notes from educators in Playground are also read only. This is to keep consistency in the shared data across Office, Playground and Home. 

Admins in Office can remove attendances if required, even if it is created by a parent.

A summary of all the sign in/outs for a child can be found in multiple parts of the platform. These can generated for all children or on an individual level. The following page runs through the places these summaries can be pulled from and what each one includes.

Attendance Summary Reports

The attendance summary report provides a detailed list of all bookings for a specified period of time. This report has all the bookings, not just those attended. The report includes the child name, room, fee type, fee amount, as well as the digital attendance information where applicable.



To generate the report, go to Reports > Attendance Reports > Attendance Summary. Filter by service, room, child and dates, relevant to your needs. Click 'Generate Report'. This will download a CSV file that can be opened in Excel. 

Attendance on Parent Statements

On all parent statements is a Session Summary. This is a list of all the sessions for the children on the account. It includes data on the session start and end time as well as the attendance start and end times. 

Screenshot_2022-10-27_at_8.26.01_pm.pngTo download a parent statement, click Financial > Parent Accounts > Find the parent > 'Statement' > Download Parent Statement. This will generate a PDF download of the full statement. The session summary can be found towards the bottom of the statement.

Attendance on Child Profile

A summary of attendances for a child can be found on their profile. This will populate with a calendar view, administrators are able to select individual dates to review attendance data. Through this tab administrators will be able to view:

  • Sign in and out times against a particular date
  • The room the session booked into
  • The booking hours
  • The recorded attendance sign in and out times
  • The attendance History - the date record was created who signed the child in, who signed the child out, the platform used to create the record and the room recorded too.

Note: From this screen, administrators will be able to edit the individual booking.


To view the attendance tab:

  • Navigate to Profiles: Children
  • Select the child
  • Select the Attendance Tab from the top of the screen
  • Done