Reverse button & Refunds

"Reverse" Button

The "reverse" is useful for payments that were put through in error, for example, a payment receipt that was incorrectly recorded.

They show up on the Statement under Financial > Accounts > Statement.

Clicking reverse does not refund scheduled payments.

Xplor is a one-way payment portal and does not send money back to parents accounts. 



  • If you want to refund a payment, DO NOT click "reverse". This will not send the money back to the parent.
  • It will add a reversal of the amount on the transaction ledger (but will not send any actual money back to the parents accounts).

Refunds must be processed via your service or provider and cannot be paid directly through Xplor.

Then add a "refund" receipt to the parents statement to record that the transaction has occurred via the Financial > "Add Payment" button > Enter details (Type "Refund") > Add payment.Screen_Shot_2018-08-15_at_2.31.33_pm.png

This will add the refund to the transactions ledger on the parent statement as a receipt. This will add the refunded money to the statement balance.