Changing Enrolment Status: Active, Inactive, Waitlist

Each child in Office will have a current status to categorise the stage of their enrolment. 

- Active - Child currently attends and has bookings. They will appear in the Master Roll and Government Enrolments Screen.

- Inactive - Child has concluded and does not attend. They will not appear in the Master Roll nor the active Government Enrolments Screen.

- Waitlist - Child is awaiting confirmation start date or completing the enrolment process. They will appear on the Master Roll but not the active Government Enrolments screen. Learn more about Creating and Managing your Waitlist. 


To change the status of a child's enrolment

1. Go to "Profiles" > "Children" > Select the Child you want to make inactive, active or waitlist.

2. Scroll Down To "Enrolment Details" > Select Status "Inactive" or "Waitlist" "Active" > Press "Save". Screen_Shot_2019-11-29_at_10.21.38_am.png Note: When moving a child's enrolment to Active, any linked parents will receive the welcome email to get logged in.