How to lock apps on the Xplor device?

If you would like to lock the device so that the user can only access specific apps, you can achieve that with the Xiaomi device.

Go into Settings > Additional Settings

01.png 02.png


Tap into Child mode and turn it on

04.png 03.png


You will be prompted to set up a pattern password.
Note: You must remember this password or else you will lock yourself out



Once that is completed, you can select which apps you would like to give access to in the device.

07.png 06.png


Important Notes:

  • In child mode, the user will not have access to settings which means that they cannot adjust the device brightness, etc.
  • In child mode, if you allow Google Play Store the user will have access to launch apps from there so be sure to not give access to this app. The downside is, without access to Google Play Store, an administrator at the service will have to assist when the Xplor app requires an update.