How to remove iCloud / iOS activation lock?

Apple's iOS activation lock is a feature found in Apple devices that prevents theft. However, if the device needs to be handed over to a new user, you would have to first disable the "Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod" settings. For best practice, it is better to entirely remove the Apple ID logged into the device.


If you have the access to the device

Settings > Apple ID > Sign Out 01.jpg 02.jpg


If your screen differs from the screenshots above, it is possible that you are on a previous version of iOS. If that is the case,

Settings > iCloud > Sign Out


If you don't have access to the device

Visit and log in with your Apple ID. Click on the Find iPhone icon.

01.png 02.png


Navigate to the top of the screen and click on the iPod/iPad which you have returned and Erase iPod / Erase iPad

03.png 04.png


It will prompt you to enter your Apple ID. It may also prompt to ask you to answer your security questions.



Click on Erase iPod / Erase iPad. It will prompt you to enter your Apple ID password. Only after you have removed the device it will be removed from your account.