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In this article, you will learn how to 'Request a Booking' from your mobile app.

On the Xplor app, you will have full access to view your child's bookings at the centre. You can request for additional days or notify the service of an absence or late pickup. 



In the app, swipe right to show the menu bar and tap ‘Bookings.’

If you have multiple children in care, tap the child whose bookings you would like to view.


booking2.jpg booking3.PNG 

Tap the day of the month to check if a booking exists for that day.

If a booking exists, the child’s picture and room name will be displayed below the calendar.

Tap on the ‘+’ button at the top right to request for an extra day or notify of an absence, late pick up, late drop off, or holiday.


booking4.PNG booking5.PNG

You can also add a description before you Save which will be shared with the service. 

Note: Adding a booking event doesn't automatically approve this request on your child's roll book. The service will need to amend the booking before it is updated.

Mobile Bookings:

You can also instantly create a booking at your childcare service.

Please proceed to this article link if you would like a step-by-step guide on how to instantly book your child into the childcare service via the mobile app: Creating Mobile Bookings


Speak to your centre manager before using the Xplor App to manage your bookings. While all families can view their bookings through the App, not all services have opted to use the instant booking and booking notification features.