Part 4: Checking your Data and Finalising your Transition

  • Inviting Educators and Parents

Xplor has the ability to send the invitations to Educators and/or Parents in bulk. Please speak to your account manager about the details and have a date in mind you'd like the invites sent.

Note that once an email is entered and saved in an educator's or parent's profile, they will emailed be sent a password link to login.


Accounts and Parent's Payments

You will now be ready to debit parents. Please note that Xplor will by default set parents' billing cycle to Thursdays for the balance of their account if nothing is manually set or imported.

To see scheduled payments of parents (both past and future), go to Financial > Scheduled Payments.


Updates and Release Notes

To make sure everyone is receiving our update emails and release note, please add your information to our mailing lists:


Before the week starts

  • Complete set up, data migration (if applicable), and training as this will make sure you have the correct information to create bookings and know how to properly do so
  • Please double-check your fee hours (under Profiles > Services > select Service > Fees tab) as this will impact CCS
  • Make sure all enrolled children have accurate enrolment details, including CRN's and DOBs
  • Make sure all Primary Carer parents have a Date of Birth and a CRN (required for formalising)
  • Create all the bookings (see training for details or quick reference guide)
  • Set up the hub so attendances are captured from parents
  • Share information about the hub with parents


During the week

  • On Monday, email the service's CCB Approval ID, CCMS User ID, and CCMS password to your account manager if you have not already done so
  • As children are signed in/out, the bookings on the Master Roll should turn from yellow to green showing that an attendance has been captured
  • If you prefer to manually edit any attendances, you can click on the booking then the Attendance tab and add/edit the sign in/out time under Check In and Check Out
  • The system will automatically submit the bookings and attendances to CCS


Following up on submissions

  • After submissions, the 'Submission Status' column on the Master Roll will show the submission's status for individual children (click on the status to see more information from the government)
  • For a bulk view in excel, see the CCS Submissions Report 


Before debiting parents, you will need to make sure:

  • Your payment gateway has been set up;
  • Parents have signed up with the payment gateway or have been migrated;
  • Service's account cycle has been set (i.e. weekly in arrears, 1 week in advance, fortnight in advance) - please advise your account manager on how you'd like it set;
  • Opening balances (if not zero) have been set under Financial > Opening Balances (Xplor can import opening balances - please speak with your account manager for more details)
  • Parent billing cycles have been set (i.e. weekly on Thursdays; Xplor can import billing cycles - please speak with your account manager for more details)


Next step is Lesson 6


Need support?

Xplor's help desk is available from 7am - 7pm AET on weekdays (excluding public holidays) at or through live chat by clicking the black 'Chat' button at the bottom corner of your screen in Xplor.


Have more questions? Check out our Training Overview