Part 1: Set Up and Data Imports

The following page will run you through:
- Preparing your computers, devices and internet
- Getting your rooms, fees, and logins set up for office
- Getting your family data uploaded
Step 1: Preparation

Once you've signed up for Xplor and gone through the Introduction page, it's time to start preparations.


Internet connection: Your service will benefit from a reliable internet connection. The standard broadband or fibre (i.e. NBN) connection will suffice. 

Wifi router: The type of router can affect internet performance. We recommend using a gaming router, which is available at local electronic stores.

For more information, including recommended devices and speed testing, please see our Wifi FAQ page

Xplor is optimised for Google Chrome (free download), but works on popular web browsers like Safari, on Windows, Mac or Linux.


Xplor is available for Android and iOS (free downloads). 

Be sure to use a recent generation operating system of Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and/or iOS.


Computers and laptops require an Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that's SSE2 capable.

Tablets and smart phones will support Xplor as long as the device supports the operating system.

Note that a tablet is recommended to run the Xplor Hub.

Introduction Materials for Parents and Staff

We want your educators and parents to be excited and informed about the rollout. Click here for the service introduction materials. Please speak to your Onboarding Specialist to obtain access to parent materials.



Step 2: Setting up Xplor Office

Xplor will set up your service(s) and provide logins

  • Bookmark the login page and create a new, easy-to-remember password 
  • Add logins for your service leaders under Profiles > Administrators
  • For an overview of logins, view our login and password summary page 

Set up the service details

  • Set up your Rooms
  • Set up your Fees
  • Set up the Hub
  • To add customised information to the parent statement, input your preferred text under Settings > Provider Settings > Statement Text
  • If using a payment gateway, contact the payment gateway to sign up, or speak to us about migrating from your current platform

Take a look at our webinar recording on setting up your service in Xplor.

Add contact profiles (i.e. children, parents and emergency contacts)

For new services or re-enrolments

- Send the enrolment form to all parents and have them submit the information (Only available to Core and Essential customers). Depending on your package, you can also customise this enrolment form.
Add the child information manually

When migrating from an exisiting software provider

- See our Data Migration instructions in Step 3

Once a parent has been created in Xplor, the parent can be ticked as a 'Primary Carer'. Xplor will automatically create an account in the Primary Carer's name with the service's account setting

Setting up accounts

  • Xplor automatically creates accounts when parents are set as Primary Carer; the account will also be in the Primary Carer's name
  • To migrate balances from your previous software, you can input them under Financial > Balance Adjustment (to bulk import opening balances, please send a spreadsheet to your onboarding agent with each Primary Carer's first name, last name, and opening balance

Each service can have its parents' accounts set by term, in arrears, 1 week in advance or 2 weeks in advance. The setting coincides with how the service bills parents. Please let your Onboarding Specialist know how you wish it set and the start date. Please note that Xplor will, by default, set parents' billing cycle to weekly on a Thursday if nothing is manually set or imported.

Step 3: Data Migration

Xplor has various ways to migrate data into Xplor. In general, information that can be imported includes:

  • Children
  • Parents
  • Emergency contacts
  • Rooms
  • Fees
  • Bookings
  • Billing cycles
  • Opening balances

There are multiple methods for this:

1. Reports from existing software system

  • Xplor can directly import data from existing systems. This includes Qikkids, Hubworks, and more!
  • Please speak to your Onboarding Specialist about the steps.

2. Custom spreadsheets

  • Xplor has custom spreadsheets to assist imports.
  • Please speak to your account manager to see if this is the quickest and easiest method for you.

3. Combination of the above

  • Due to the limitations of various import tools, the best option for you may be a combination of the above.

After completing the above steps, you are ready to start working through our Onboarding and Training Checklist