How do I download the photos from my child’s timeline?


Saving Photos 

Login to the parent portal -

1. On the left-hand side > click on Children  

2. Select your child to view their Timeline

3. Right-click on an image and select ‘Save Image As…”, 

4. The image will save to the computer desktop


Learning Journey

Alternatively, you can request your service to print out a Learning Journey for your child which only includes pictures with a learning outcome attached. 


Xplor Community

"Always have access to your child's learning, photos, videos and special moments" 

Introducing the new and improved Xplor community.

The Xplor community grants access to observations and health data to any parents that have inactive children in Xplor, which no longer attending the service and have been switched from active to inactive 

Parents will be granted limited access with the ability to only view existing data about their child and not add any new observations or health records.

To grant parents acess to the community first set a child as inactive by visiting Profiles > Children > [Select a child] > Child Account and setting status to 'inactive'.

Note: If a parent has one inactive and one active child, they will still have complete Xplor access for both children.