Online Enrolment Form FAQ



With this form you will no longer have to manually input enrolment data. The online digital enrolment form is a feature built into Xplor and is available to enrol children at your Provider or at a specific Service under your Provider.

Provider-level enrolment

Please send the Enrolment Link available under Settings > Provider Settings > Enrolment.

Service-level enrolment

Please send the Enrolment Link available under Settings > Service Settings > select Service > Enrolment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know if a new enrolment has been completed?
Once a parent completes the online enrolment form, an email and a copy of the enrolment form will be sent to the email address found on the service profile.

Where are the enrolment forms stored?
All completed enrolment forms and their attachments are stored under the "Attachments" tab on the child's profile.

If a parent completes the enrolment form, does that mean they are enrolled immediately?
No, all submissions for enrolment form will be placed on your waitlist. You will still need to make the child "Active" to accept the enrolment.

Will the parent get access to Xplor once they submit the enrolment form?
No, the parent will only receive their welcome email if the child is made "Active" at a service. In the welcome email the parent will be prompted with steps on how to set up login information on Xplor. 

What is the difference between Waitlist Form & Enrolment Form?
While they both function similarly (they both create a child profile in the Waiting status), the waitlist form is a trimmed down online form primarily used to capture registration of interests from families. It contains less questions so that families can register more quickly.

Can I link the online enrolment form to my website?
Yes, to assist with this we have provided a script that you can provide your website administrator. The script can be found in the same section of the enrolment link.

Is the online enrolment link unique for every parent?
The enrolment link is unique to the service. However when sending the enrolment form to families, each family will fill out their specific details making it their unique form. 

How do we show our service's availability in the enrolment form?
The Xplor Waitlist/Enrolment Form has been designed to protect your service's enrolments from data mining, by limiting how your availability is presented to your parents or to your competitors trying to gauge how vacant you are. As such, this information is not made available in the online enrolment form.

Can a parent complete the online enrolment form on their mobile phone?
The online enrolment form has been optimised to be able to display correctly on various different platforms such as desktop and mobile. However, it is advised to complete the enrolment form on Google Chrome Web Browser and filling in forms tends to be easier on the computer!

The online enrolment form doesn't suit our needs. Can you create a custom one for us?
Custom enrolment forms are available for those on the Office Essential package. If you are not sure what package you are on, or would like to upgrade, please get in contact with Xplor Support.


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