Release Notes: 3rd July 2017

Dear Services,

As part of our continuous improvement program and acting on recent feedback, We have made the following updates to the Admin Portal:


CCMS Remittance Report

Services can now receive remittance advice details for a given week and generate a report for all relevant clearing numbers with remittances in that week.


Booking Updates

Bookings are now shown in red where they have key data missing such as the fee or room. 

When a booking in the past is altered it now automatically displays in the resubmission tool.

All submissions and resubmissions now progress to actual as soon as the processed date provided by the government is reached, we do not wait for the actual payment date.

All changed bookings are shown in the resubmission tool immediately and the person who changed them.

Note: We are still taking advice from various services as to whether that would prefer automatic resubmission or continue with the manual resubmission.


FDC Improvements

We have changed the time of submission for FDC’s to Monday at 3:00 pm AEST so that they have time to be processed on Monday night, this will speed up the process of Office getting and displaying feedback from the government considerably.

FDC customers we are now able to manage levy amounts capped for children across the entire scheme rather than just capped for a single educator. Please contact support if you need to alter the capped amount for your scheme.

Note: For our FDC customers, we are now turning our attention to claiming CCR for Food and Travel expenses. We will keep you informed as we progress on this.


CCB/CCR Improvements

We have had some problems with CCB or CCR returns not being evenly divisible by the number of sessions in the week that they were submitted forThe latest update ensures that the remainder is applied to the final session of the week to ensure that weekly accounts are accurate and agree entirely with remittance.


Multi-child Improvements

Children in families claiming the multi-child rates will now automatically set multi-child for all children if one is set. This will only apply where those children are being cared for by the same provider.

Note: Multi-child field should show number of siblings


JET Submission Improvements

Some errors that were occurring and stopping JET being submitted for certain children are now fixed. Please note, we do not estimate for JET, only actuals appear once the government responds after submission.


Account Permission settings

Services can now enable multiple parents to gain account access to their children's childcare statements.


Detailed Account Report

The detailed account report has been improved with updated formatting to make it easier for services to see a quick snapshot of their financial position at any given point in time.