Office Web: Financial- Adjusting Scheduled Payments

Unfortunately, you cannot delete or edit scheduled payment items once they have been submitted. Neither can the support desk.

If you want to alter a charge for families you must ensure that their billing schedules are correct (Parent/Guardian tab on the child's profile) and that you are checking and adjusting scheduled payments BEFORE they are processed.

You can view the families scheduled payments, go to:

Financial > Scheduled payments > Select date of week you would like to view in the "week date" box > You can click on the word in the status column next to the scheduled payment (i.e. "Confirmed" "pending" "rejected") to see the details of the scheduled payment and if they were altered at all. You will see if any alterations were made by the ELC or admin user account.




If you have made a mistake on your scheduled payment (e.g. input the wrong date or amount for the payment) you have to add a financial adjustment as a credit:

Go to "Financial" > "Parent Accounts" > Then select the payment type (i.e. refund), the date, the amount, the payment method (i.e. refund) and any comments that are relevant ("scheduled payment overcharged account") > Then press "Add Payment" and this will reflect on the account statement. ​

It may take 24hrs for the statement to correctly update with the correct information.

Then, you can re-add the payment correctly using the "Generate One-Time Payment" button, which is located also on the scheduled payment screen.


Note: If you press the submit button multiple times (thinking that it has not processed) OR if your internet/network connection is dropping in and out, this can cause multiple entries to be recorded. Please only click the submission button once, it will go through it just might take some time to show!


Receipt of payments added via Financial > Parent Accounts > Add Payment tab

You can "Reverse" payments added as a receipt to statements using the "Add Payment" button above the account statement button.


Manual payments are added when a parent directly pays a service, uses BPAY or pays in cash. In this case, you are just adding a receipt to the statement to record that you have received the payment.

To get rid of incorrectly added payment receipts, you can go to the account statement and press "reverse" on the incorrect payment receipt.​​ This will reverse the record and you can re-add it with the correct amount if needed.