Staff/Parent Fee Discounts


There are 3 ways you can apply a discount in Office, you can choose the type you use depending on what type of discount you are applying.

1) Perform a 'Once off' discount 

2) Set up discount as a 'Pay Item' (so you have a permanent discount set up in Adjustments tab)

3) Set up a new discounted fee type (with the discount included in the fee)


1) Once off Discount

This is a once-off discount and is non-recurring. This once-off discount has not been created in 'pay items' but rather, might be manually created to suit a particular customers needs for that specific day.

Go to Financial > Financial Adjustments > Add > Fill in the required information

  1. Select name of the child
  2. Start Date - the date the item will appear on the statement. No end date is required.
  3. Select type 'credit/discount'
  4. Type in amount discounted (calculate total discount amount for the period you are applying)
  5. Enter a comment if more information is required. This will appear on the statement.
  6. Click 'Save'. 
2) Set up Discount as 'Pay Item' in Adjustments tab

This is useful if you want a certain type of discount available at your service for all accounts on a regular basis, but are not applying it to a regular booking.

Set up the Pay Item

Go to 'Settings' > Click 'Service Settings' > Select your service > Click the 'Pay Items' tab

  1. Enter the Item name (e.g. "Discount 5%")
  2. GL Code (not essential)
  3. Enter Discount amount (total per day)
  4. Tick Fixed amount (not essential)
  5. Click 'Add'. 


It will then appear in the Item list when adding a discount via 'financial adjustments'.


Applying a discount pay items through Financial Adjustments

Go to 'Financial' > Click 'Financial Adjustments' > Click 'Add' > Enter details about the discount in spaces provided:

  1. Select children you want it applied to by typing them in or tick the box below to apply to all children/inactive children/active children/waitlist children
  2. Enter start date.
  3. Enter Type of adjustment (e.g. discount/credit)
  4. Enter Item type from the drop down list, find the previously made pay item (e.g. 10% discount)
  5. Then click 'Save'.


3) Recurring Discount: Create Discounted Fee Type

This is a discounted fee that you can apply to bookings, instead of applying an adjustment to a full fee. This can be useful if you have a very common discount type that you want to be able to easily apply.

Go to Settings > Service Settings > Click Service > Click 'Fees' Tab > Go to 'Add Fee' heading > Enter Details as below:

  1. Enter a clear fee name (e.g. 5% Discount Daily Fee)
  2. Enter fee type (either normal or casual)
  3. Enter frequency (daily)
  4. Enter session start and end time (times of the booking)
  5. Enter net amount and gross amount (these should match)
  6. Click Add

This discounted fee can now be applied to bookings in the Master Roll. See our support page for editing current bookings.