Ending a Child's CCS Enrolment

A child's CCS enrolment should only be ended when the cessation of care is certain. Head to this page for the full process of ending a child's care at your service. This page will run through just ending the government enrolment.

Options For Ending CCS Enrolments

There are two options when ending the CCS enrolment end date. It is a business decision as to which option you would prefer.

Option 1 is to wait until the child has completed their last booked in session before ending the enrolment. This is the recommended option to ensure that the final automatic submissions get processed. Once the CCS has been paid for the last week, you can go back and set the CCS enrolment end date. 

Option 2: Set the CCS enrolment end date in advance. This is recommended if you are aware of a child being absent for their last session. This will prevent CCS from being paid for the last absent day/s, then later being withdrawn. 

E.g. A parent has informed you in advance that their child's last day will be on Thursday the 19th of September. The child has does not attend their last session, therefore CCS should not be paid. In this scenario, it is  best to end the CCS enrolment before weekly automatic submissions are processed. 

NOTE: For OPTION 2, set the end date to be on the Sunday after their last day so submissions still are processed on the Friday.

Setting the CCS enrolment end date

To end the enrolment, navigate to: Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > select child > + Actions > End CCS Enrolment > Set the end date > Save

NOTE: The end date cannot be set in the past. If 'invalid date' displays, check the date is the current day or later, and try save once again.