CCS: Cessation of Care


Cessation of Care rules under CCS

  • CCS Cessation of Care sessions no longer need to be flagged as 'Cessation of Care' days like in CCMS.
  • However, the underlying cessation of care rule has not changed:
"CCS will not be paid for absences before the child's first physical day of attendance or for absences after the child's last physical day of attendance."
In summary, the family will not be paid if a child is absent on the last scheduled day of care. 

How to apply cessation of care:

To apply cessation of care for absences before the child's first physical day of attendance or for absences after the last physical day of attendance an enrolment must have a start date and an end date. 

The end date can only be applied in the "Government Enrolments" tab under the Child Care Subsidy tab. The end date for the enrolment with the government is not located on the child's profile.

Please read the below information before ending a CCS enrolment for a child. 

There are 2 end dates in Xplor:
  • The first is located on the CCS enrolment, in the Government Enrolments tab, this needs to be manually ended when a child ceases care. Please end the enrolment for the Sunday after the last day of care, ending it on the date of the last attendance day will disrupt submissions and the child will not receive subsidy for that date.


  • The other is located on the child profile, please make sure this end date is well into the future (not on the actual final day of care). This end date will make the profile inactive when the date passes, if the profile turns inactive before all the submissions have been completed the child will miss out on CCS subsidy. 


Ending a CCS enrolment:
  • Go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Find child > On the enrolment click '+ Actions' > Select End CCS Enrolment


  • Select the Sunday after the last day of care. (If you select the weekday the child ended care they will not be paid subsidy for this day).
  • Click Save.


The enrolment should then appear as "Ended". 

When do I end date the child profile:
Only end date a child's profile when their account is completely settled and all subsidy has been paid. Once an end date is applied on the child profile, the profile will turn inactive and you will not be able to submit or change the enrolment. You can change the end date to a date back in the past if it takes you a few more weeks longer to settle the account from when the child actually ends care.