What happens if other family members/friends need to sign the child out?

If a person needs to be authorized to sign in/sign out a child, they need to be added either as (1) a Parent/Guardian or (2) an Xplorer.

For (1) a Parent/Guardian, go to Profiles > Children > Parent/Guardian. At present, there is a limit to a maximum of 4 Parent/Guardian per child. 

They will need to have an email address to access the sign in/sign out function in the Xplor app. Alternatively, the child's educator can assist to sign in/sign out the child and the parent can approve it from their Xplor app.

For (2) an Xplorer, the parent needs to add them as needed under Settings > Postcard icon. On the web, it's User Profile > Postcard icon. Please note that Xplorers can only use the Hub, not the app.

For reference to legislation related to children signing in and out, please refer to this article.