What happens if other family members/friends need to sign the child out?

If a person needs to be authorised to sign in/sign out a child, they need to be added either as (1) a Parent/Guardian or (2) an Xplorer.

For (1) a Parent/Guardian, go to Profiles > Children > Parent/Guardian. At present, there is a limit to a maximum of 4 Parent/Guardian per child. 

They will need to have an email address to access the sign in/sign out function in the Xplor app. Alternatively, the child's educator can assist to sign in/sign out the child and the parent can approve it from their Xplor app.

For (2) an Xplorer, the parent needs to add them as needed under Settings > Postcard icon. On the web, it's User Profile > Postcard icon. Please note that Xplorers can see everything posted on the child's timeline: sign in and out times, health events, and Observations. They can sign the child in and out through the Hub.

For reference to legislation related to children signing in and out, please refer to this article.