Split Care

For situations where a single child has 2 or more primary carers, a child will have to be setup with separate enrolments and primary carer accounts. This will result in two different statements being generated for the same child.


Step 1: Cloning the child

You can create a duplicate profile for a child by cloning them.  This can be done by going to Profiles > Children > Search the Child > Right Click > Clone.


This will open a new version of the child's profile. From here select the correct service and update any details that are different under the new primary carer. It can sometimes help to label which account falls under which primary carer by adding a note in the first name of the child profile. For example a child profile John Smith can become John (Mum) Smith.

Click 'Save'

Step 2: Link the new primary carer

Move to the 'Parent/Guardian' tab on the child profile. 

- If the parent does not already have a profile in the system, select 'Create New Parent'. Fill in the relevant details and click save.
- If the parent already has an existing profile in the system, select 'Link Existing Parent'. Search the parent and click 'Add'.

Once the parent is on the screen, select the primary carer box under their details.

Click 'Save'

Step 3: Managing the bookings

When a child is under split care, the primary carers will each be responsible for paying a portion of the bookings. Ensure only the bookings each primary carer will be paying for are on the relevant child profile. Ensure no bookings are duplicated between the two profiles.

Step 4: Managing CCS Enrolments

If both primary carers are claiming child care subsidy, a CCS enrolment will be required for each.

To create the new CCS enrolment, head to:

- Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Search and select the Child > New CCS Enrolment
- Select the Primary Carer the enrolment is going to be against from the drop down menu
- Select the Enrolment type to be created (usually Complying Written Arrangement)
- Ensure the regular sessions reflect those that this primary carer will be paying for
- Click 'Create'
- The parent will need to complete the following steps to finalise the enrolment: CCS: CWA Parent Steps on Home and MyGov