Split Care

For situations where a single child has 2 of more different primary carers, a child will have to be setup with separate enrolments and accounts.



1. Cloning the child

You can create a duplicate profile for a child by cloning them. The clone tool is only available from the ELC level login. This can be done by going to Profiles > Children > Clone Child



2. Assign child to the service

One the child has been cloned, it needs to be assigned to the same service. All other fields can be left the same.



3. Create a new parent or reuse an existing parent

With the "cloned" child, by default the profile is linked to the same set of parents. The next step is to "Delete" the existing parent and adding the correct parent with either "Add Existing" if they already have a profile in Xplor or "Add New" if they are new to Xplor.