Xplorers FAQ

What are 'Xplorers'?

An Xplorer account allows for people, other than the primary carers, to pick up and drop off children.

How do I give Xplorer access?

To give someone access to this feature, a parent needs to invite the person via email from their Xplor account (either on the web or on their app.) See details on how to do this below.

How much access does an Xplorer have?

An Xplorer account has 'restricted access' to Xplor - this means they can only view a child's timeline which includes child sign ins/outs, Observations, and health events. They can also sign the child in/out through the Hub. They cannot make changes, comment or like on their account.

Who are Xplorers?

Xplorer's are typically people like grandparents, babysitters or emergency contacts who need to be authorised to sign in and out. 

How to delete Xplorers?

Only parents can add Xplorers. Only admin can remove Xplorers.

For parents who wish to delete Xplorers, please inform your service director/administrator as only they can perform this action.

Admin: An administrator can see all the Xplorers registered to an account from the 'Xplorer tab' in the child's profile. Press 'Delete' beside the Xplorers name. 

Can you restrict Xplorer access even further?

If parents do not wish for a contact to be given access to the child's profile or learning journey. The best option is not to register the person as an Xplorer but instead the contact should let the educator at the service know when the child is being picked up or dropped off, and the educator can sign in/out the child from their account instead. This process will still send notification to the parent. 

How to send a parent invite to an Xplorer via the Web?


1. On the web, go to 'Profile' > Click the 'Postcard Icon' in top right hand corner of the page.


2. Input the required details and press 'Submit'. This will trigger an email to the new Xplorer.


How to send parents an invite to an Xplorer via the App?


1. In the Xplor app, go to 'Settings' > Click the 'Postcard Icon' in the top right hand corner of the page.


2. Input the details required for the new Xplorer and press 'Add'. 


3. A confirmation message stating 'Invitation Sent' will appear, press 'Ok'.

What happens after the Xplor invite email is sent?

The email looks like this:


You have been invited by Xplor to share in their child's learning journey via

Xplor is a private invite-only platform which will allow you to share in a 
child’s special moments, learning outcomes, photos and signing in/out via the Hub.

To access the platform, click here to start or visit www.ourxplor.com

Join the journey 
If you’d like to learn more about Xplor, visit www.ourxplor.com 


Xplor Crew" 

From this email, Xplorers will be able to set their password for their Xplorer account.

Again, the account only allows them to use the Xplor Hub and view the child's learning journey. They will not have access to comment, like or view any sensitive information about the child. 

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