What are beacons?

Beacons are tiny computers. They have a processor, bluetooth smart module, temperature and motion sensors. Powered by a coin battery, they broadcast radio signals through built-in antennas. When your smartphone is in range of the Xplor beacons they receive signals and Xplor can then respond by sending you a push notification to sign in or out. This ensures that you cannot sign in or out remotely and must be at the service to do so.

What do beacons do?
The beacons send a 'ping' out to parents when they are within a 12-15 meter radius from the service. In order for the parent to be notified, their Bluetooth and location settings need to be switched on. 

How often do they get pinged?
The beacons are currently set to ping every minute and once the parent has taken an action (sign in/sign out), they will not get notified again for another 15 minutes

How long do beacons last?
The Bluetooth beacons are battery operated and will last anywhere between 6 months to 2 years depending on the traffic at the service. Generally larger services with more places tend to have their beacon battery deplete faster.

How will I know if the battery has depleted?
Unfortunately, there is no physical indicator for the battery life. If you suspect that you need a replacement, or if you need to know how much battery life your beacon has left, please contact support

Is there an orientation that the beacons need to be placed at?
The beacons are able to work in a variety of environments however for best practice, we recommend laying it on a flat surface near the reception area(s). Also, because each beacon is able to reach a 12-15 meter radius, it is recommended to spread the beacons apart for more coverage.

Is it easy to remove the beacons if I use adhesive tape?
The adhesive part on the back of the beacons is really strong and might potentially damage painted surfaces. Please remove them with care.