Can we download other apps other than Xplor on the devices?

The Educator Care App is being retired. Download the NEW Playground App


Yes. As long as you have your own email to access the App Store/Google Play Store.


  • Use of Software and Equipment
    • Xplor grants You the right to access and use the Service via the Website with the particular user roles available to You according to Your subscription type. This right is non-exclusive, non- transferable, and limited by and subject to this Agreement. You acknowledge and agree that, subject to any applicable written agreement between the Subscriber and the Invited Users, or any other applicable laws:
      • i) the Subscriber determines who is an Invited User and what level of user role access to the relevant organisation and Service that Invited User has;
      • ii) the Subscriber is responsible for all Invited Users’ use of the Service;
      • iii) the Subscriber controls each Invited User’s level of access to the relevant organisation and Service at all times and can revoke or change an Invited User’s access, or level of access, at any time and for any reason, in which case that person or entity will cease to be an Invited User or shall have that different level of access, as the case may be; and
      • iv) if there is any dispute between a Subscriber and an Invited User regarding access to any organisation or Service, the Subscriber shall decide what access or level of access to the relevant Data or Service that Invited User shall have, if any.
    • Xplor grants You the right to use the Equipment provided to you from time to time. You acknowledge and agree that:
      • i) The Equipment is on loan at all times and remains the property of Xplor;.
      • ii) You must not tamper with or remove the Equipment from the address shown in the agreement without the permission of Xplor;
      • iii) You must not remove from the Equipment any identifying marks, labels or ownership identifications;
      • iv) You must not download or install software into the Equipment without written consent of Xplor;
      • v) You are responsible for the proper use, storage and safekeeping of the Equipment.