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From reclaiming your time to reconciling on the run, Xero is online accounting software that lets you do business, beautifully.


The following will guide on how to integrate your Xplor platform with Xero to complete the services payroll.  




API implementation process

  1. Login to the Xplor Admin Portal Select Settings > Service Settings 

  2.  Select Service > Payroll Integrations > Connect Xero

  3. Enter your Login/Password" of Xero

  4. Provide permissions for the Xplor Software integration

  5. Wait for the process to complete and you will be redirected to Xplor site



Xero and Xplor Timesheet Integration

There are two functions within the Xero timesheet integration:

  1. ‘Send Timesheets’  - supports Services to send digital timesheets from Xplor for approval into Xero Payroll
  2. ‘Sync Employees’  supports a two-way syncing capability that allows Services to input data into their Xplor or Xero platform and has it updated respectively.  Once the data has been updated, Services can sync employees, which will pull/push any data which has been changed in either platform including Pay and Contact information.

The digital timesheet in Xplor includes:

  • Service Name
  • Educator Name
  • Room Name
  • Scheduled Start and Finish time
  • Actual Start and Finish time
  • Any relevant break times
  • Total shift duration
  • Total cost of educator wages

Send Timesheets process

  1. Select > Rostering > Timesheet 
  2. Select > Send Timesheet (Please note - This will only appear if connected to Xero)
  3. Enter Payrun Start Date and Payrun End (Please Note - Date Must be exact or it will not process. Eg Monday to Sunday)
    1. The user must have already created a draft pay run for employees in Xero
    2. Select Preview or Send Timesheet

Preview Timesheet - preview of timesheets which will be sent to Xero

Send Timesheets - will attempt to send timesheets to Xero.  This will return a register with any errors before you send.  

Note: If an educator's profile is yet to be synced, their timesheets will not go through to Xero.





Sync Employee process

  1. Select > Administration from menu
  2. Select > Roster
  3. Select > Timesheets
  4. Select > Sync Employee
  5. Xero and Xplor will then scan both databases and update any relevant contact and pay information.  Xplor will also return any errors that occurred during the sync process.

The following 4 items need to be in both Xplor and Xero for the educator profile to sync:

  • First Name
  • Last name
  • Street Address
  • DOB

Note:  the 4 items must be identical in both Xplor and Xero, otherwise they will not sync.