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For ELC log-in, go to Settings > Service Settings > Select Service > Billing Details

For Service log-in, go to Settings > Service Settings > select Service > Billing Details.

1. Click on the link 'Contact PayPal First' or click here to obtain reduced rates.

2. Sign up for PayPal by clicking the link 'Then Sign Up for PayPal' or click here. It is recommended you have one PayPal account per service, depending on the accounting setup.

3. Once PayPal account is up, parents will need to log-in (same credentials as the app) at and navigate to 'Auto-Debit Setup' to connect to PayPal. Parents may enter a credit card, debit card, or bank account from which you can withdraw.

4. To check whether a parent has set up their account with PayPal, go to Profiles > Children > select child > Parent/Guardian > 'Payment Details Saved: Yes/No' to confirm. 'Yes' means the parent has successfully set up with PayPal. 

5. To view families who do not have banking details saved against their account, go to Analytics > Service > No Bank Details.

For more information to share with parents, please contact Xplor support at 

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