Release Notes: 13th October 2022

We have some exciting updates to share with our services.

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This feature will be live on the 14th of October.

Settlement Date update to Parent Transaction Report

Office now has access to the date payments settle. We have updated the settlement date in the Parent Transaction report (and the Locked Period version of this report) to reflect this date. Previously, we reported the transaction date only.

These features will be live on the 21st of October.

CWA Process Update

When creating a new CCS enrolment (CWA), the enrolment notice will be now be instantly submitted to the government. This means the CCS enrolment will be ready for the carer to confirm on myGov. CWA agreements will still be generated for carers to approve via Home simultaneously. Previously, a CWA agreement needed to be signed via Home before an enrolment notice was created.

This update streamlines the CWA process for services and carers and will significantly help to reduce delays in receiving CCS payments.

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Automated CWA Emails for Parents/Carers

Primary carers will receive four types of automated emails throughout the CCS enrolment (CWA) process, guiding them through what they need to do to complete the entire CCS process. An email will automatically be sent when:

  • A CCS enrolment (CWA) notice is “Pending” or “Pending Eligibility”,

  • A CWA agreement has not been signed for 48 hours,

  • A CWA agreement is updated in Office and Home, or

  • A CWA agreement is approved.

This update helps to communicate clearly to parents or carers the CCS enrolment steps they need to take to ensure they receive their CCS payments on time.