CWA Process Update: What You Need to Know


What has changed?
  1. Complying Written Arrangement (CWA) Process Update: When creating a new CCS enrolment (CWA) on the Government Enrolment page successfully, the enrolment notice will instantly be submitted to the government. CWA agreements will still be generated for carers to approve via Home simultaneously. Previously, a CWA agreement needed to be signed via Home before an enrolment notice was created.

  2. Automated emails to parents throughout the CCS enrolment (CWA) process.
    Primary carers will receive four types of automated emails throughout the CCS enrolment (CWA) process, guiding them through what they need to do to complete the entire CCS process. An email will automatically be sent when:
    • A CCS enrolment (CWA) notice is created with a “Pending” or “Pending Eligibility” status,
    • A CWA agreement has not been signed for 48 hours,
    • A CWA agreement is updated in Office and Home,
    • A CWA agreement is approved.

These update streamlines the CWA process for services and carers and will significantly help reduce any delays in receiving CCS payments.

What does this change mean?

  • Quicker CCS Enrolment (CWA) Process: Successfully submitting a CCS enrolment (CWA) for a child will result in the CCS enrolment moving to an immediate “Pending” or "Pending Eligibility" status. This means that the parent/guardian will be able to view and confirm the enrolment in myGov immediately, instead of signing the CWA in Home first. 
    • “Draft” status will no longer exist with the updated CWA flow. Note: Any CCS enrolments that have a pre-existing draft enrolment status will not be impacted. Users can create a new CWA enrolment to override the draft enrolment if they wish to utilise the new flow.

  • Reduce backdating: CCS enrolment (CWA) start dates can now be chosen by the Office user (current or past date only).
    • CCS enrolment (CWA) notice start date is no longer determined by the date a parent can approve a CWA via Home. Previously, parents/guardians often approved the CWA after their arrangement start date which caused administrators to manually go back to the CCS enrolment and backdate the start date.

  • Proactive management of new CCS enrolments: Instant government error message feedback will be displayed (e.g. Individual CRN and DOB do not exist) if the new CCS enrolment fails to submit to the government.
    • Previously, government error messages were not known to exist until a parent/guardian stops receiving CCS payments. 

  • Seamless parent/guardian CCS enrolment experience: Parents/guardians will be well informed throughout their CWA process as they receive automatic emails throughout different stages of their CCS enrolment (CWA). Each email will contain clear instructions, CCS resources, Office support resources, and service details if they require additional help. 


When did it change?

This will be launched Friday October 21st 2022.


Why is this change important?

We listened to customer feedback and cross-checked this against the Government's legislative requirements.

Customers advised, in the current Child Written Arrangement process, the following roadblocks existed:

  • CCS Enrolment (CWA) is described as a lengthy process for both administrators and parent/guardians which involves a lot of “back and forth” steps between both users.
  • Parent/guardians don’t generally follow the steps and often forget to action their CWA preventing CCS from being paid.​

  • Parent/guardians have trouble locating the CWA and are unclear about the current two-step process (being signing on Home App and MyGov). 

  • Admins cannot backdate the CWA until it is at an approved status.

The legislation advised:

"A CWA is a contract between an approved provider and an individual. Approved providers are not required to submit a CWA to the Department of Education or Centrelink unless it is specifically requested under information gathering powers. However, providers are required to submit an enrolment notice for each child that starts to be enrolled under a CWA, including relevant details about the terms of the arrangement, which the individual will be asked to confirm (

There is also no requirement or expectation that a CWA must be established separately to the enrolment form or other process that an approved provider would normally use to enrol a child (as long as the process meets the requirements for a CWA)."

Referenced from Guides to Social Policy Law: Family Assistance Guide: Version 1.240 - Released 20 September 2022


What do I need to do?

Nothing. This feature will update in your Office platform automatically by close of business 21st October 2022, to be aware of what the changes look like, please review our support articles.

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